Work 1:1 with a coach who 

is not your typical trainer!

I help women who have never worked out create a lifelong habit. 

Have you ever thought to yourself?

~I’m tired of starting & stopping diets

~I don’t have time to workout

~I really should start to workout

~I have no motivation to stick to a wellness routine

~I don’t know where to start

~I have no support or accountability

What most programs miss is the connection between the diet culture &  learning more about ourselves.

We need to discover what we like, what makes us feel good, and what works for us.

My programs are unique as my #1 goal is to help you learn how to listen to your body. 

I want to empower you to learn about yourself, what you're capable of, and to find a workout plan that will evolve with you. 

If yes you are in the right spot!

Personal Training with Andrea is right for you if...

You have tried the group fitness thing and it just doesn't work for you. 

Gyms intimidate you. Andrea will come to your home and work with you or has a small non-intimidating gym she trains clients at. 

You've tried other wellness programs but didn't have lasting results. My goal is to help you find a plan that will evolve with you and not just during our time together.  

You've had trainers that belittle you, injured you, or were on their phone during the session not paying attention to you. I've heard it all and these things drive me nuts about the training industry. I will not do any of those things, you're my #1 priority during our time together. 

You are pregnant or newly postpartum. I have extensive education in the pre/postpartum field. I have tons of resources and connections to help you safely train during pregnancy and return back to workouts after baby. 

Not a requirement but- we will be a good fit if you wear Golden Girls
t-shirts, watch Charmed on tv or have quite eclectic interests.
Personality wise we will be a match : ) which I find makes the biggest differences with 1 on 1 work. 

Working with Andrea is NOT right for you if...

You aren't coachable, willing to do the homework, or up for changing.

You have a more serious personality. From past experiences my clients who like to have fun, are light hearted during our sessions tend to do better with me as a trainer. 

-Jess B

"The experience has been amazing. I’ve had incredible success both with weight loss and general health and fitness. I feel amazing, so much more energy and stamina than I used to have. I’m 37 and feel like I’m 25 again."

The results...

Every client has toned up after starting a program.

While not everyone's goal is weight loss but for those who do set out to lose weight average weight loss in a 6 month program is between 8-25 pounds.

Tone up & Weight Loss

Many women get off the diet & workout hamster wheel and finally find the routines that work best for them. 

-Cutting out sugar 
-Early, lighter dinners
-Seasonal routines 
-Stress reducing bedtime routines

healthier habits

This is one of my favorite outcomes to see. So many of my clients report they just feel better about themselves after starting a workout program with me. 

They find their true why to moving their bodies and it usually is never tied to their weight. It's a beautiful process that is one of the most transformative ones. 

Feel better about themselves

Weekly 30 minute training sessions. You decide once or twice a week.

Monthly wellness plan that includes a workout calendar, custom workouts, diet audits, a monthly wellness habit to work on.

Text & email support 

Yoga practices, travel workouts, or other custom workouts as needed. 

Surprise gifts 

Where do we train? I come to your home, we meet online via zoom or we meet at a small private gym in St. Louis Park, MN. 

What's included?

$250/month for 4, 30 minute training sessions either in-person or online.

Pricing Menu

Training Once a week

Training Twice a week

$450/month for 8,  30 minute training sessions either in-person or online. 

Custom Online Program

1, 30 minute coaching call a month 
2-3 Weekly Custom Workouts a week
Weekly Email Check-Ins

Ready to find a fitness routine that works for you?

Schedule a free fitness consult to see if you would be a fit to work with Andrea

Email Andrea-
your wellness goals and best times to chat 

I've never been able to stick to a consistent workout routine until working with Andrea. I can successfully say I now love yoga, and don't mind my quick 20 minute workouts. Plus was able to lose 10 pounds.

-Deb C. 

After working with Andrea during pregnancy, I was able to compete and place 1st & 3rd in my first cross country ski race after I had my baby girl. She understood how to help me slow down & listen to my body during & after baby. 

-Bronze Medal Olympian Caitlin Gregg

After working with Andrea, I was able to lose 11 pounds in 2 months & still enjoy wine!"

- Lacey S.

I ended up healthier after my son was born than before pregnancy.

-theresa B

After working with Andrea, I was able to treat my debilitating heartburn naturally, no medications or doctor appointments needed. I'm so grateful for the experience.

-Hong B

Questions & Answers

Do we have set times and days to train each week?

Yes. Most of my clients train at the same time & day each week. Once you have your spot it's your until you need it switched. 

What hours do you train?

In-person hours are from
6am-2pm, Monday-Fridays. 

Online hours are from 3-8pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays &  Thursdays. 

Do you do monthly contracts? 

All of my packages are monthly. I just ask for 30 days advance notice. 

Most clients train anywhere from 1 year to 7 years currently.

How much equipment do I need to workout at home?

You don't need any to get started. I usually recommend equipment based on your goals. I keep it very basic so it's not a large investment for you though.